Why AOL Special?

It is quite possible to style your outfits perfectly with AOL personalized jewelry on every occasion. It is important to wear the necklace smartly, whether in a casual meet up with friends or a formal occasion like a business meeting. There are multiple ways to personalize your silver necklace with names or designs and each style provides a different dressing option and you should be careful which outfit suits the design and style of your silver necklace customized to your needs.

AOL Special personalized necklace is a meaningful addition to your outfit choice

It is a useful advice to check yourself in the mirror before leaving the house and see if you need to remove or add another jewelry piece as it is common to wear more than required accessories or under accessorizing yourself to an event. All our jewelry accessories made of sterling silver or 18ct gold, especially necklace offer a perfect balance of quality and beauty and matches well with any outfit. Being the brightest of all fine metals, it gives a distinct shiny appearance. A beautifully personalized silver necklace can never go out of style. While wearing a silver necklace, you will always be in trend as they are versatile enough to be worn with any of your outfits frequently. Personalized silver necklaces possess a vintage and timeless look and are very classy to wear. Therefore, buying silver necklace personalized for yourself or for your loved one as a gift is always a great option.

Outfits that go well with your AOL personalized necklace

Personalized silver necklaces generally go well with all outfits but they do look best with a black outfit and wearing white with gray also makes up a stylish and classy look with your silver necklace. The reason for preferring these shades over others is because of their good contrast with the silver necklace which makes others sense its presence without the colors overpowering the jewelry piece. The silver necklace also compliments a royal blue dress perfectly as the deep color tone creates a comfortable yet alluring background for the necklace to set itself.

Advantage of AOL personalized necklace over other jewelry pieces

AOL personalized necklaces offer similar look and feel of platinum or white gold and provide a much more affordable alternative. For this reason, silver necklaces have become quite popular in the recent years, in the industry of fine jewels. There is also an option to plate your personalized silver necklace with colored rhodium or yellow gold to give it a different tone of color. There are many well known jewelry designers who are known for their designs on silver jewelry like bracelets and necklaces, and there are some who are famous for their imaginative craftsmanship with silver necklaces, and also for their use of gemstones and diamonds with silver necklaces. 

How to handle your AOL personalized jewelry

Silver necklaces are alloyed and not made of 100 percent pure silver and sometimes other metals can also be used to plate them so their durability and longevity increases. There is still a need for it to be treated with care. Tarnishing is a common occurrence with silver jewelry and it is also prone to discoloration when the silver metal surface is exposed to the sulfur present in the air. 

You can easily remove tarnish and prevent your personalized silver necklace from discoloration by using a clean cloth with some anti tarnish polish to clean your silver necklace. To prevent the silver surface of the necklace from damaging and scratching, it is recommended to keep it away from chemicals in the house and separately storing it in a jewelry box and also keep it packed away safely before going for a swim or a shower to avoid chlorine present in the water.